Project Overview

BMY was a large retail store that was experiencing a high rate of theft. They needed to install a security camera system to deter theft and protect their assets.

Project Challenge

The BMY retail store was a large and complex facility, with multiple entrances and exits. Team Y needed to design and install a security camera system that would provide comprehensive coverage of the entire store, without being obtrusive to customers or employees.

Team Y designed and installed a custom security camera system for Acme Corporation that included over 100 cameras. The system included a variety of camera types, including indoor and outdoor cameras, fixed and dome cameras, and day/night cameras. The cameras were strategically placed throughout the store to provide comprehensive coverage of all entrances, exits, and high-traffic areas.

Project Result

Since the installation of the security camera system, BMY has seen a significant decrease in theft. The system has also helped to deter vandalism and improve the overall safety and security of the store.

Project Duration


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Completed Weeks

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